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St Cuthberts 630 Burns Night

If you haven’t been to a St Cuthbert’s Burns Night yet, it’s where legends are created.

The evening is organised and run by WBro. Bill Sables, the WM of St Cuthbert’s.
This year sixy one attendees enjoyed the celebration of the Famous Scottish Baird. After the Piper “leads the parade of the Haggis,(prepared by our very own Paul Reed it’s addressed (shouted) at by W.Bro Des Ashton, in his best/worst highland accent, then he stabs it with a very sharp knife, disembowels and toasts it before it is served with Neaps & Tattles.
There is Whisky toasts (all provided in the ticket price) some comical & traditional speeches, maybe even a quiz on all things Scottish, for which you can win absolutely nothing. Time permitting the evening is rounded off with some traditional Scottish country dancing.

The St Cuthbert’s Burns Night has now firmly placed itself within the Masonic calendar and is a truly “Not to be missed” event.